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But now days many of Japanese people prefer to assess their cars first and they are choosing cars’ assessment firms for this task, used car assessment services are now become available online without having to pay commission or any extra fee and there is much saving of time as compare to used cars auctions in Japan.

Besides these companies have highly qualified professional assessors who are more strict in assessment as compare to used cars auction expert because in auction houses there is a lack of time to assess the car for a close actual value of the car and there is no time for test drives and there are lots of cars coming in auction houses daily of about tens of thousands.

For online free assessment of your car:

If the words”used car assessment”are playing on your mind, you’ll be delighted to know it takes just a few minutes to complete and receive your car’s valuation. You’re then just one step away from a guaranteed used car sale followed by assessment.

  • Start by entering your car’s unique information
  • Fill in your details and we will email your cars Get Cars Value estimated price reflecting the current market value of the same car in real time value.

We then send your free assessment email to you within a few minutes of receiving your car’s detail. If you’re happy with our assessment of your car, just follow the link of proceed for free assessment in our website and get the best price of your car.

For official assessment of your used car:

To sell your car, just turn up at the appointed time with your car and assessor will come to your place and will do assessment at your place.

  • You should have proper documents for your car before assessment which is mentioned in Assessment Company’s website.
  • If your online assessment matches our appraisal, we’ll arrange everything within 30 minutes.
  • If you need your money quicker, we can arrange next working day payment for a small additional fee.
  • Outstanding finance, no problem! We can sort that out and simply deduct the amount from the selling price – remember to bring an up to date settlement letter from your finance company showing the amount outstanding.
  • If you have outstanding finance and owe more than the value of the car, we can still buy your car and settle the finance, but you’ll need to pay us the difference by credit or debit card.
  • If your car is damaged and you are worrying to sell it or assess it, there is no need to worry this can also be assessed and even can give you the best available price of your car because some of the assessment companies in Japan like Prime gate Japan has a big network of foreign customers all over the world.

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